About us

Reinventing a cosmetic staple, MlenLash is committed to deliver an effortless makeup routine because we believe that beauty should be undemanding.

  • Magnetic Eyelash

    We use imported antibacterial mink-like fur quality eyelashes from Japan and Korea. Each lash is between 0.025-0.03MM in size and the total weight of one eyelash is 0.028G. It is half the weight of eyelash extensions and a quarter of the weight of glued on eyelashes. Our eyelashes are as thin as 0.15MM and as light as a feather. 

  • Technology

    Using proprietary technology, we are able to create a clip on eyelash which uses soft magnetic technology that are fixed at sectional points of the eyelash. High polymer coating is used to protect the magnet from corrosion.

  • Beauty On the Go

    From last minute appointments to unexpected engagements, our eyelashes are designed for convenience. Be it in the car or in the office, all you need is a clip and you’re ready.

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Going Beyond

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