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DIY Eyelash Glue

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MLEN DIARY's high-stick, mild and low-irritant eyelashes special glue is milky white.Gluten-Free, Sulfate Free , Latex Free.No peculiar smell.It Is safe for the skin. product information: Brand: MLEN DIARY Name: special glue for eyelashes

Specification: 5ml Product features: oak latex extract, milky white Preservation method: keep the cap clean and sealed to avoid glue oxidation Note: When the temperature is below 0°, the eyelash glue will freeze and cannot be used Product


Strong adhesion - not hard after drying, not easy to fall off Can be re-applied before it is fully cement

Natural invisible - suitable for beginners It is milky white when first applied, becomes transparent after 30 seconds, and is transparent and colorless after drying, creating charming eyes

Oak latex extract - mild and hypoallergenic formula can be removed by ordinary makeup remover products

Slim brush - adjust the amount of glue as you like Easy to take glue, easy to apply, easy to fill

Tasteless and not dazzling

Easy to use and easy to remove - wet compress with oily makeup remover, gently massage for about 5-10 seconds